SILS - Supply In Line Sequence

We have enhanced automakers’ just-in-time production by the creation of SILS or Supply in Line Sequence to ensure the accuracy in parts supplying and to maintain the ultimate goal of lead time reduction. Sequencing software helps in making sure all parts are packed and loaded in the right sequence so that automaker can use those parts right away.

We are proud to present that our technology ensures seamless connection in case of network failure. With more than 10 years of experience in this specific application usage, the supporting tools are provided in unexpected time. To be precise, on-site workers are able to update broadcasts from clients to make sure they do not miss any piece.

  • Applying of conditions to enhance accuracy in packing and loading. Right time and right place.
  • ensuring of no-delay with clients under discreetly defined systematic constraints
  • Enable seamless connection due to¬† unexpected network trouble
  • Auto detection of failures to avoid work replication or missing
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